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Columbia Sun Tubes

Residential Sun Tubes – rigid and flexible

Sun tubes add a source of natural lighting where regular skylights can’t be installed. Quick, simple installation for any shingle or shake roof.

Ideal for interior rooms, closets and bathrooms. Available in sloped and flat roof models. Elbows and tube extensions are available. Three different sizes are available.

Columbia’s Rigid Sun Tube skylight provides a tunnel that is highly reflective and maximizes the illumination in your room below. As rays of light bounce or bend, their intensity diminishes.

The Columbia system is designed to access as much direct sunlight with as few bends as possible.


  • Comes as a complete kit – Dome, Roof Jack, 4’ Rigid Light Tube, and Prismatic Clear or Soft White diffuser
  • Rigid sun tubes are available in four sizes 10” 13” 18” 21″, Flex sun tubes are available in 13”
  • Perfect for hallways, laundry rooms, kitchens, walk in closets and bathrooms
  • All models standard with flat prismatic or white diffuser for sleek, modern interior finish
  • Quick, simple installation for any shingle or shake roof
  • The dome is formed from high impact modified acrylic – blocks 99% of UV rays while
    maintaining optic clarity
  • The roof jack (flashing) features black baked enamel heavy duty aluminum frame to complement roofing materials

  • Angled roof jack has unique forward sloping design eliminating light robbing elbows
  • Flat roof jack available for flat roof installation
  • Rigid light tube is Silver coated aluminum light pipe with 98% reflectivity
  • Pipe is easily trimmed with shears during installation
  • Flat diffuser for smooth modern finish
  • Standard kit comes with prismatic diffuser. Soft white diffuser available for less intense light
  • Includes double lens for optimum energy efficiency



  • The ideal solution when straight runs of pipe are not possible
  • Flex sun tubes are available in 13”
  • Made from highly reflective heavy duty aluminum duct
  • Tear, puncture and fire resistant and listed to UL2186S
  • Available in flat, sloped, curb mount and low profile glass models
  • 12’ flexible light tube available

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