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Window condensation. Problems and solutions,

Window Condensation Explained: 3 Types and Solutions – Free

February 23rd, 2023

Vinyl Window Condensation Condensation on your windows is a common problem. Learn how to solve the problem for free (almost). It doesn’t matter if your windows are new or old, affordable, or expensive, condensation can occur. There are a few different scenarios where condensation may accumulate on your windows. This article will discuss three different situations where condensation may occur and provide some tips on how to manage the problem. Interior Window Condensation Window condensation is the build-up of water vapor on the surface of the glass. The most common type of condensation accumulates on the interior surface like water vapor from a hot shower collecting on a cool mirror. Glass will always be one of the coldest surfaces in your home, so the colder it is outside and the…

Window Care and Maintenance

Window Care and Maintenance from The #1 Best Pros

February 23rd, 2023

Window Care and Maintenance. With the proper care and maintenance, some vinyl windows can last a lifetime. Regular cleaning of the frame and glass, and lubrication of moving parts is necessary to enjoy years of use. Follow the industry standards in this article for caring and maintaining your vinyl windows. Frame Cleaning Before you grab the mild soap and lint free cloth, start by removing the screen and placing them on a flat clean surface. Dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate in the tracks and corners of window frames. It’s best to begin with the vacuum with the small soft brush attachment. Vacuum off the screen, frame, track, and corners. After vacuuming, create a mild soap and water solution using Joy, Ivory, or Dawn soap. Wash the screens, hardware, and…