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Window Care and Maintenance

Vinyl Window Cleaning and Maintenance.

With the proper care and maintenance, some vinyl windows can last a lifetime. Regular cleaning of the frame and glass, and lubrication of moving parts is necessary to enjoy years of use. Follow the industry standards in this article for caring and maintaining your vinyl windows.

Frame Cleaning

Before you grab the mild soap and lint free cloth, start by removing the screen and placing them on a flat clean surface. Dust, dirt, and debris accumulate in the tracks and corners of vinyl frame windows. It’s best to begin with the vacuum with the small soft brush attachment. Vacuum off the screen, window frame, track, and corners.

After vacuuming, create a mild soap and water solution using Joy, Ivory, or Dawn soap. Wash the screens, hardware, and frames with the soap and water solution and a soft cloth. Wipe clean with clear water and then dry with a soft lint free cloth. A very soft brush can be used in combination with the mild soap to clean more stubborn areas and window frames that have a textured paint finish.

Never use abrasive cleaners or caustic chemicals to clean your window glass or frames. Harsh chemicals can soften the vinyl and cause permanent damage.

Glass Cleaning

The glass can be cleaned with the same cloth and mild soap and water solution used to clean the window frames. Rinse with clean water and then dry with a soft lint free cloth to avoid water spots. Make sure to use a clean cloth that is free of grit. Grit, or abrasive material can damage the glass and low-e glass coating. If the window is too far away to reach, use an extension pole with soft window cleaning attachment.

If you are cleaning mold or mildew off the glass or frame, make sure to wear proper protective equipment such as a mask and gloves.

Do not use a garden hose to wash your windows. Residential windows are not designed to withstand the water pressure and volume of water that a garden hose emits. Using a garden hose can result in damage to your home or windows.

Avoid using a razor blade to scrape debris off the glass. Razor blades can have rough edges that may permanently damage the glass or low-e coating.

Never use petroleum-based cleaners, caustic chemicals, or abrasive cleaners since they can cause permanent damage to the glass or frame.

Hardware Cleaning and Maintenance

Window hardware such as hinges, handles, locks, and levers should be cleaned and lubricated periodically to prolong their life and ensure smooth operation of the window. If you are in a salty-air environment, you may need monthly maintenance.

Clean the hardware with a mild soap and water solution and clean cloth. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a lint free cloth.

Hinges, tracks, and rollers should be lubricated with a small amount of silicone-based lubricant. Rotating hardware, splines, and spiral gears should be lubricated with lithium grease. Depending on the brand of windows, sliding window rollers may be adjustable to provide smoother operation. If you have horizontal sliding windows from Berdick Windows and Doors the sliding sash can be removed and flipped over to access the wheels. There are two different slots to fit the wheels that vary in depth to provide more or less clearance. Simply pop out the wheels and snap them into another slot if an adjustment is necessary.

Most sliding Patio doors also have adjustable wheels with the adjustment screws either on the inside surface, or edge of the sliding sash. Have one person lift up one corner of the door while another person adjusts the wheels so the weight of the door does not strip the adjustment screws. After the wheels are raised or lowered, you may need to adjust the handle latch and strike plate so they line up and lock properly. If you have a Novatech Patio door sold by Berdick Windows and Doors there will be screws to adjust the strike plate and latch. Most patio screens are also adjustable with adjustment screws on the top and bottom corners.

Make sure to check your window hardware and weather-stripping is not worn or broken. If you require replacement parts, check out the shop at

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